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When performing any work, be certain that you are always safe.

Wearing protective equipment before engaging in potentially hazardous activity. This one is intended to prevent unforeseeable disasters. The majority of accidents are the result of our negligence. Make it a practice to always keep a basic survival kit on hand.

It’s because we’re often arrogant, telling ourselves, “Just let it be, nothing happened there before.” When we are hit by terrible timing, we may recognize that what we did was inappropriate. The practice should be like this in order t o avoid such regrets, we must first evaluate whatever we intend to perform before initiating the task.

For example: If something sharp or spiky, we need to use appropriate gloves. If you work in a dense area, make sure you wear the following, clothing with long sleeves, safety glasses, gloves, shoes or safety shoes. And in case we have things to lift and may fall, also make sure we have a safety hat & shoes.

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