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Is organic fertilizer better than inorganic?

How do you produce cheap organic fertilizer?

Organic Fertilizer: The best practice is to use organic fertilizer; this way helps us retain the fertility of the soil. Organic implies “natural,” and it refers to the use of any available eco-materials to create the best possible composition. Animal manure and dried leaves are the most significant and best used materials for this procedure.

Manure from Animals: The best manure comes from carabao, cow, horse, and any other animals that eat greenery. This results in the highest soil fertility. Manure from animals fed industrialized food is not advised because it is warm and contains chemicals that may destroy our vegetation and crops.

Composting procedure


1First, build a thin layer of good soil. Then, 2second cover a thin amount of animal manure. 3Third, repeat step one. 4Fourth, pile a thin layer of leaves or other vegetable on top. 5Fifth, repeat step one. 6Sixth, sprinkle a small amount of water to aid in decomposition. Then, 7seven continue the piling until the desired pile height is reached.

After a few weeks or months, begin breaking up and mixing the pile. Continue to mix until it has completely turned into compost. Organic fertilizer production can take a long time and requires a lot of hard work. This method is the most cost-effective and health-friendly.

See inorganic fertilizer…

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