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    Is inorganic fertilizer ok to use?

    The withering of our crops’ leaves is an indication of improper fertilizer application. Most farmers prefer to use fertilizer because it increases crop productivity. It is also effective, particularly if your plantation is large, and the application is straightforward and easy. More

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    Vegetables grows in a raised bed.

    Creating an elevated plant box to form a raised bed has much more benefits because it will discourage pests from attacking your plants. However, this method requires more expertise and research. When there are no alternative materials, it may cost a few pennies. More

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    Mountaineering is a thrilling hobby.

    It’s a captivating chance to experience beautiful spot, especially if it really is your first time. This is a landscape from Cuenca, Batangas, in the Philippines, south of Manila. It is well-known as “Mount Maculot – Maculod.” More

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    Is organic fertilizer better than inorganic?

    How do you produce cheap organic fertilizer? Organic Fertilizer: The best practice is to use organic fertilizer; this way helps us retain the fertility of the soil. Organic implies “natural,” and it refers to the use of any available eco-materials to […] More

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    Vegetables grows in a flat bed.

    We have a technique for cultivating cabbage or pechay. If you live in an urban area, you can plant it in containers; if you have a larger yard, you can grow it in raised beds, flat beds, or by advanced techniques like aquaponic system. More

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    How Carabao dominates the farmland?

    Carabaos are doing a tremendous amount of work in the farmland of Philippines. As a result, the carabao is known as the Philippines’ national animal. They can be seen everywhere in the Philippines’ countryside; it is typically a farmer’s companion. […] More

  • A well-known landmark in Bicol

    Have you ever tried to visit the vicinity of Mount Mayon’s volcano? If you haven’t already!! Let’s took some photo of majestic Mount Mayon. Its flawless triangular shape is simply stunning. More

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    Plow and its major parts

    There are several plow styles depending on the region, because each area has its own work in terms of equipment and so on. For example, the plow may have two blades in certain places but only one in others. More

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    Let’s talk about gardening tools.

    Let’s have a look at some basic gardening tools that come in handy while we’re gardening. Have a look at some of the tools we’ve undoubtedly used before, or if we recall well, they were part of what we learned […] More

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    Younger generations must learn how to farm.

    In order to have a natural and good food supply, today’s millennial must understand how to cultivate crops. Unfortunately, mentioning you’re a farmer brings to mind thoughts of a difficult or poorly job in the minds of others, ignoring the fact that this is the noble job. More

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    Why Okra is good for us?

    Okra is containing a high-vitamin A & C vegetable. It also contains several antioxidants that aid in the treatment of major ailments including as cancer, diabetes, stroke, and heart disease. More

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