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How to Control Pests? Controlling by Chemicals.

This is the simplest method of controlling pests and insects on crops. Applying  chemical directly to plants to eradicate plant pests. To avoid plant damages, it is recommended to used chemicals as specified by experiences farmer or any agri-guru’s.

Each pesticide and insecticide’s instructions are written precise on its manual, so read them before using. Also, to avoid direct contact with chemicals wear protective gear.

Most produce was shining and free of scratches after insecticides and pesticides were applied. Customers are more likely to buy this produce since it is appealing to them. In addition, compared to organic products, this food is easier to market.

Furthermore, any pesticide applied is considered dangerous to human health. Make sure to wash any produce before cooking it.

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How to Control Pests? Controlling Pest – By traditional Way.

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