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Vegetables grows in a flat bed.

We have a technique for cultivating cabbage or pechay. If you live in an urban area, you can plant it in containers; if you have a larger yard, you can grow it in raised beds, flat beds, or by advanced techniques like aquaponic system.

Let’s begin with flat beds. Allow spacing between 150mm and 200mm to allow the crops to grow significantly.

  • PL = Plot Length
  • A = Required Spacing
  • C = Location of Fertilizer
  • V = Quantity Required


V = (PL/A)*(PW/A)

Find the required seedling set for an area measuring 2400MMx600MM.


  • PL = 2400mm
  • PW = 600mm
  • A = 200mm

Find V = ?


  • V = (2400/200)*(600/200)
  • V = (12)*(3)
  • V = 36 Set

As a result, for planting with a spacing of 200mm, the total quantity necessary is 36 Set seedling, and for planting with a spacing of 150mm, the total quantity required is 64 Set seedling.

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