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Mountaineering is a thrilling hobby.

It’s a captivating chance to experience beautiful spot, especially if it really is your first time. This is a landscape from Cuenca, Batangas, in the Philippines, south of Manila. It is well-known as “Mount Maculot – Maculod.” This mountain is fairly easy to access to and climb, however it has already taken lives.

Therefore, always consider your safety, and don’t try to imitate what’s in the photograph because if your balance is really off, you’ll slipped. The wind is aggressive at the top of the mountain, so if you take amazing shots wait for the wind to stop slightly.

Every weekend, there seem to be a lot of mountaineers here because it’s easy to get into it. Those who work weekdays take advantage of the weekend to unwind at work. There is also a camping area where travelers can spend the night to reflect, admire star phenomena, and spend some quality time.

My one piece of advice to those who enjoy mountaineering is to avoid bragging to your colleagues, because it will only result in disaster. It’s wonderful to go for a journey with others if you depart together and return together.


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