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Vegetables grows in a raised bed.

Creating an elevated plant box to form a raised bed has much more benefits because it will discourage pests from attacking your plants. However, this method requires more expertise and research. When there are no alternative materials, it may cost a few pennies.

Material quantity for a raised bed 1200mm x 600mm.

Item #DescriptionQuantity
11200x200x12mm thk. Left & Right Deck (board)2pcs
21200x200x12mm thk. Middle Deck  (board)1pc
31200x200x12mm thk. Front & Rear Cover  (board)2pcs
4600x200x12mm thk. Side Cover  (board)2pcs
550x50x500mm Post (Lumber)6pcs
650x50x600mm Joisting (Lumber)4pcs
750x50x1200mm Bearer (Lumber)2pcs
850x50x520mm Support Block  (Lumber)2pcs
950x50x500mm Support (Lumber)3pcs


As a result, 10.34 linear meters of 50×50 lumber are required, as well as 0.36 square meters of wood board. To attach the item, use screws or wooden nails. Painting the wood to enhance its durability.

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