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Farming methods that are widely used

There are several different types of farming, but just two of them are the most common. Farming, either traditional and commercial.

Traditional Farming

This is the form of planting in which we use native or commonly available planting equipment. When cultivating the soil, for example, we utilize only a shovel, a hoe, and a plow with the assistance of our buffaloes, cows, or horses. 

We employ environmentally friendly methods to maintain healthy soil, such as collecting dried grass, mixing it with animal manure, watering it from time to time, and then putting it on the garden. These will be used to fertilize the soil. We utilize old techniques to safeguard the plant against disease.

Commercial & Industrialized  Farming

To prepare our plantation for this form of farming, we use machinery. Combine or Combine Harvester, Rotavator or Rotary Tiller, Plough or Plow, Tractor Trailer, Power Harrow, Leveler, water bowser, ripper machine, and disc harrow are examples of machineries.

This method is the most expensive at beginning, but it is also the quickest. The crop preparation until harvest often accelerated with the assistance of equipment.

We employ a combination of fertilizers and pesticides. Our food is no longer natural in this way. It is still safe to eat, but not without risk due to the chemicals we use. The crop appears excellent, but it lacks vitamins.

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