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Younger generations must learn how to farm.

In order to have a natural and good food supply, today’s millennial must understand how to cultivate crops. Unfortunately, mentioning you’re a farmer brings to mind thoughts of a difficult or poorly job in the minds of others, ignoring the fact that this is the noble job.

Many young people today choose to complete a degree rather than agricultural production. Farming must be understood by the next generation as a ‘smart’ venture. Furthermore, if people know how to farm, they will never starved regardless of where they live as long as there is available land.

Yes, planting is exhausting, but the exhaustion is just temporary because as our tiredness diminishes as the seedlings we plant start growing. And the enjoyment intensifies as the harvesting date approaches.

Planting is a full-time job that requires you to be hunched over all day. Moreover, it is one of the most dignified career choices, requiring diligence and perseverance.

I only planted one, but it produced a lot. What should I expect if I planted a huge number of plants?

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