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How to Control Pests? Controlling Pest – By traditional Way.

Natural methods was adopted in earlier times to control crop damages. There are self – optimizing ways that can help us prevent pests in agricultural vegetation.


To protect crops from animals and, most importantly, thieves. Fencing all around farm is recommended to protect it from harm. There are also many thieves who take advantage of the plantation’s lack of a fence, for example, simply picking up a plant every time they pass by. When the field is enclosed, thieves are less likely to steal since they will be miffed to enter inside.

Fumus; Steam; Fumigation ; Smoking

People are spotted burning in the mountains creating 1fumus; and sometimes this is performed to discourage insects or pests; this is a natural way. It is also done to make the plants more fruitful.

Installing miniature.

We’ll be shocked when we pass by the plantations with the effigies. There are also jingling cans and metal objects. This is done to mimic the sound or appearance that will disperse birds, and so on.

Implementing the traditional method takes a long time, but this is the method which saves a lot of money.


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