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Let’s talk about gardening tools.

Let’s have a look at some basic gardening tools that come in handy while we’re gardening. Have a look at some of the tools we’ve undoubtedly used before, or if we recall well, they were part of what we learned in class in elementary school.

Rake “Kalaykay”:  This is the most typical usage for a rake, which is used for leveling the ground and separating rock from the ground. It can also be used to collect cut grass.

Fork “Tinidor”: Large earthen mounds are crushed with a fork. It can be used to collect weeds.

Pickaxe “Piko”: Used in hard soil ploughing. The pickaxe has two blades, one sharp and one tiny, like a hoe. The pickaxe can also be used to cut the roots of trees that are obstructing our garden.

Shovel “Pala”: Land transfer is a common application of this term. Shovels are classified into two types: flat and round-like. It’s also popular on construction sites.

Wheelbarrow “Kartilya”: Soil hauling and other material handling equipment, it’s also popular on construction sites.

Hoe “Asarol”: Weeding or hoe tillage, it can also be utilized for constructing plots or digging a hole for water passage.

Trowel “Dulos”: Seedling transplantation with a trowel, soil loosening, and seedling cover You may also see it in mountaineers, who use soil diggers whenever nature calls, i.e. when they poop.

Bolo “Itak”: Cutter for huge plant branches and trees. Also once the field is crowded with grass, it is used in combination to the scythe as a pruning shears.

Scythe “Karit”: A farm instrument with a long bent blade attached to a shaft that is used to cut grass or grain straws while standing upright.

AxPalakol“: A large wood cutter that is also widely used for splitting firewood.

Digging bar “”: A digging bar is a long bar, digger, or cutter used to cut into the roots of a tree.

Plant sprinkler “Regadera”: Use for crop watering.

Bucket “Timba”: Container for sprinkler water.

Rope “Pisi o Lubid”: We use it as a line guide when we wish to properly line the plants.

Scissors: A tool for pruning plant branches or weeds.

These are just a few of the equipment that are often used in gardening.



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